Healthy Reasons for Eating Gulf Shrimp

The variety of gulf shrimps is wide and it ranges from brown shrimps, to white shrimps and finally to brown shrimps. These variations in species causes a slight variation in their taste despite them having similar flavor and sweetness. As a result, gulf shrimp cocktail is almost on each and every menu on almost every restaurant and hotel. Due to the health value and the nutritional content of the gulf shrimp, the demand and supply of the gulf shrimps is increasing significantly. As a result, those not residing close to the coastal regions are advised to consider ordering gulf shrimp cocktails in one of the many visits to the coastal region.

There are more than one benefits of eating sea foods particular crustaceans and gulf shrimp to be precise. It is therefore high time you start ordering and eating the sea foods like gulf shrimps if you are new to the coastal foods. The importance of eating sea food such as the gulf shrimp is that they are low in cholesterol hence good for your health. This is because a single shrimp provides about 7 calories which is good to your health as compared to other sources of proteins such as chicken eggs which contain even more calories for instance.

The other importance of sea food such as gulf shrimp is that they are rich in protein. People who are allergic to other sources of proteins such as the red meat should consider eating gulf shrimp which is highly recommended. Gulf shrimps also contain minimal fats and carbohydrate other than the fact that they are rich in protein. For the purpose of maintaining a healthy body and health, the combination of proteins with little fat and carbohydrate is recommended. As compared to the proteins from gulf shrimps provide about 20grams of proteins which is just a few less than that of chicken, when all factors are held constant.

The other importance of eating gulf shrimp is that it provides key nutrient and mineral components that play a major role in the body. The nutrients provided by gulf shrimps plays a major role in our day to day life. There are two major types of antioxidants that are contained in gulf shrimps. To begin with, selenium is the first one to plays a role in immunity and thyroid function besides being a major mineral, it is an important antitoxin which helps in fighting damaged particles called free radicals whose main aim is to damage cell membrane and the DNA thereby leading to early maturity, aging and your body immune system becomes viable to diseases. Astaxanthin is the next one and plays part in the primarily color pigment in shrimps. One main known trigger of aging and diseases is reducing inflammation which can easily be done by this mineral.

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